Our Excursion to Symbio Wildlife Park

Our excursion to Symbio Wildlife Park.

We were all so excited and was counting down the sleeps until the day had arrived to go to Symbio Wildlife Park.
We got ready and packed all our things, it looked like we were leaving for a week, put on our Hi Vis jackets and then went into the garden to wait for the coach to arrive.
Unfortunately, the coach arrived a little late and so by the time he arrived we were all fit to burst with excitement!
We boarded the coach and had a long journey to Symbio, but the journey did not dampen our spirits.

Once we go into the park we found a lovely picnic area to sit and have our morning tea before we begun the hunt for the animals. We chatted at morning tea, discussing what animals we were excited to go and see.

There was so much to see, we saw koalas eating eucalyptus leaves and some having a little snooze in the tree. We saw meerkats, who were on watch, as two eagles flew above. We visited the reptile park and then we let off some steam in the playground area, where we climbed on the huge climbing frame, and slid down the slide. Chele pushed many of us on the crocodile shaped see-saw and Louise lost count of how many times she went up and down with the ‘flying fox’, by now we had all worked up an appetite, so we settled back down for our picnic lunch.

Once we had eaten our sandwiches, chicken sticks, chips, cucumber sticks and drunk our juice, we had rebooted our energy levels to go on the hunt for the kangaroos, as we had bought some food to go and feed them their lunch.

It was amazing how tame the kangaroos were, and they loved the food, strokes from the children and then had a cheeky sunbath!

Throughout the day lots of the children were asking when we were going to the splash park, and now it was finally that time……the children were sooo excited!

Once the children were changed into their swimmers ( this alone had to be organised like a military expedition!) we were ready to go and the children ran into the splash park with gusto!

The time flew by at Symbio and we all had so much fun but the time had run out and it was time to board the coach. By the time we were half way back to Blue Gum, the bus was very quiet as most of the children had fallen a sleep.

We all had a fabulous time at Symbio, and have some lovely memories of all the animals and the fun time we had, although it did take us all a couple of days to recover from all this fun… we were all exhausted!