Munch and Move

Munch and Move is so much fun!

At Blue Gum we all enjoy being a part of the Munch and Move program.
Munch and Move is a fun, play-based program that supports the healthy development of young children. We use this program to encourage children’s healthy eating and physical activity using a range of learning experiences.

Through developmentally appropriate play-based active play, the educators’ program scaffolds the development of Fundamental Movement Skills.

Many developmental theorists, such as Piaget, Donaldson and Bowlby believe that the educators facilitate children’s learning by planning a rich environment, with routines and play-based experiences appropriate for children’s unique and holistic development.

The children used the Munch and Move picture cards to practice balancing, hopping, jumping and running. The children had fun playing musical chairs, walking tentatively around the chairs antisipating when the music may stop, getting ready to run to claim the remaining chair.

They also had great fun with the balls, working on their coordination whilst kicking and throwing them, gosh we all had so much fun and what a fun way to burn off lots of energy!