Lunch is so much fun!

We love lunch time!

At Blue Gum we look forward to our lunch. We get to practice our self help skills by serving our own lunch and pouring our water. We practice using our cutlery and the educators are here to help us if we are not sure what to do.
Serving ourselves and using our cutlery helps us to improve our hand and eye coordination and builds our confidence in our own abilities, as it is important to practice these skills. Sometimes we spill things and make a mess but that is ok because by making mistakes is how we learn these skills, we just have to keep trying! Once we have served our lunch we take our plates and walk back to our table trying really hard not to spill anything, no mean feat for us young ones!

It is also a very sociable time, where we get to chat with our friends about what we have been doing in the morning and what we would like to do after we have eaten our lunch. Whilst we are enjoying our lunch we are also working on our table manners and trying to remember to sit nicely and not talk with our mouthful, very important things to understand as we grow up.

Once we have finished our lunch, we scrape our plates and take our things to help with the tidying up process, more self help skills are being practice and we learn that we all are responsible for the things we have used and need to help to tidy up.

So, as you can see not only to we enjoy eating our lovely lunches but who would have thought we would be learning so much at the same time. Bon appetit!