A Visit from Little Grinners

We had been working with the children learning about our bodies, and the things we should do to look after them.  We were chatting about our teeth and who helps us look after them, so

we thought it would be a great idea to get someone to come to the centre and talk to the children on the importance of looking after our teeth. Little Grinners is a dental program aimed at children,

to help with the prevention of the rapidly high rate of tooth decay.

We had lots of fun with Kylie who explained that the baby teeth can decay from the first time they appear in the mouth, and children need to be taught early on so that they can care for their teeth

for the rest of their lives. Kylie had posters and her friend ‘Flossasaurus’ the helpful tooth cleaning dinosour to show the children how we should brush our teeth, and the children had such fun

having a practice on Flossasaurus!

Kylie talked to the children about the importance of going to the dentist, and she helped the children to dress up like a dentist showing the group there is nothing to be worried about.

The children had a ‘fangtastic’ time and also had a goodie bag with their very own toothbrush and other goodies too!