Foost – our healthy food incursion

Foost…our fantastic food incursion.
The children were very excited about our healthy food incusion, where the children could make their very own Bento box. The children worked in two groups and with the help of Adriana, Ivy and Kim were excited to start the preparation of their very own lunch.
Firstly the children could design and decorate their own chef’s hat, we then washed our hands and put on aprons learning the importance of hygiene when preparing food.
All the children had a cutting board and were really excited about having a very special foost knife, helping them with great hand and eye coordination and concentration skills.
The incursion was a fantastic experience for the children to use all their senses, their eyes for the sight of the colourful ingredients, the sense of smell with the array of different ingredients and of course their sens of taste, with opportunity to taste a variety of foods. Mmmmmm!
The children enjoyed choosing what ingredients they would like to add to the rice and roll up in the seaweed, to make their own individual sushi roll, giving the children agency.
Next the children had to prepare the fruit, carefully and skillfully, using the knife to cut up the bananas and strawberries to add to the dried coconut. Thankfully no fingers were lost at this point! The children had fun from start to finish of the incursion and learnt so much along the way but of course the best bit was to taste the fruits of their labour and eat their lunch prepared by their very own hands. Yum, yum, yum!